Hello, I am M.I. Norsbook - a pseudonym, as I value my privacy. You might be curious about the name; it's a playful contraction of 'books for minors,' symbolizing my passion for children's literature and creative expression.

Behind this name, you'll discover a creator of colorful and imaginative coloring books, soon to include fun activity books for children of all ages. My goal is to inspire and entertain.

Currently working a full-time job in a completely different industry, approaching retirement age, my sincere hope is to pursue my creative side. Ideally, I'd have an alternative to my current work, but otherwise, I'll stay busy when my professional life reaches its end.

I utilize artificial intelligence in the creation process, providing me with an advantage in staying informed about the possibilities of new technology. However, there's also a significant manual aspect, as images for coloring books often require post-processing.

Would you like to share thoughts, ideas, or just say hi? Provide constructive criticism? Send me a message at M.I.Norsbook@kesopublishing.com.

Last but not least, I would greatly appreciate reviews or ratings on my books, as they make a HUGE difference in sales and directly impact my ability to pursue my dreams and invest time in creating the best possible books!

Best regards, M.I. Norsbook